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We strive to provide our customers with expert, customer-oriented, flexible and personalised service. We would like to hear your opinion about our service in order to hear where we have been particularly successful or where we can correct any grievances and develop further. Tell us about your experiences. It will be good for both you and us.

You can provide direct feedback on the laboratory services provided by Fimlab here.

Instructions on providing feedback:

  • Feedback can be given about your own or a family member’s treatment or service.
  • If you would like us to contact you about your feedback, please leave your contact information in the form. You can also provide your feedback anonymously.
  • The feedback channel is not intended to record sensitive health and social data. Please do not enter your social security number or other confidential information in the form.
  • For matters related to treatment, medical consultation, cancellation of an appointment, we recommend that you contact our appointment booking service by phone or the Digital Clinic.
  • Feedback is not an official reminder or complaint. In matters related to reminders, complaints and patient injuries, you can contact either the patient ombudsman or social care ombudsman (contact information below).

Patient ombudsman

The function of the patient ombudsman is based on the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients (785/17 August 1992).

The patient has the right to good health and medical care, as well as related treatment. The care of a patient must be organised and the patient must be treated in such a way that it does not violate his or her dignity, conviction and privacy. In addition, the Act emphasises the patient’s right to information and self-determination, active participation in treatment and the position of the minor patient.

If there are any ambiguities or problems with the care or treatment, the staff of the treating unit should be contacted to clarify the situation. If the matter is not resolved by discussion, the patient has the right to a written complaint procedure. A reminder can also be given verbally with specific reason.

The task of the patient ombudsman is to advise patients on matters related to the application of the Patient Act, to assist the patient in making a reminder, to advise the patient on the initiation of other legal protection and compensation matters, to inform the patient about their rights and to act in other ways to promote the patient’s rights. The patient ombudsman does not comment on the patient’s medical treatment decisions or whether a patient injury has happened during the treatment.

Contact information:

03 819 2504
Mon-Fri 10 am – 3 pm

Appointments can be arranged by phone.


Mervi Horppu
Päijät-Häme central hospital, Keskussairaalankatu 7
Heinola Health Centre, Torikatu 13

Salla Ritala
Lahti Health and Social Services Centre, Harjukatu 48

Hazardous situations

You can tell us about a hazardous situation related to the care or service received by you or a family member here. Please do not enter your social security number or other confidential information in the form.


The Patient Act provides the user of health care services with the possibility to make a reminder if he or she is dissatisfied with the treatment he or she has received or feels that he or she has been mistreated. The purpose of the procedure is to clarify the patient’s case with the management of the unit and to resolve it locally between the parties concerned.

A complaint, a reminder and a patient injury report can be submitted to the Patient Insurance Centre for the same incident.

As a rule, the reminder must be done in writing by filling in the reminder form. The patient ombudsman advises and assists in making a reminder. The reminder will be sent to the administration of Harjun terveys.

The patient has the right to receive a written reply to his or her reminder within a reasonable time. Making a reminder does not affect the patient’s right to lodge a complaint with the authorities supervising the health care.


A health care patient can lodge an administrative complaint to the Regional State Administrative Agency, Valvira, the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Chancellor of Justice about shortcomings, ill-treatment, unlawful conduct or negligence of an authority in health care services. With the help of the complaint, it is possible to bring the shortcoming experienced in health care to the attention of the authority supervising the operation of the health care system. The right to lodge a complaint is not limited to the complainant’s own case, but anyone can lodge a complaint.

If a reminder has not been made about the case, the supervisory authority may refer the complaint to the relevant operational unit. This requires that the supervisory authority assesses that the complaint is most appropriate to be treated as a reminder.

Complaints over two years old are not investigated without a specific reason. The complaint is made informally or using a complaint form.

More information about the complaint procedure:

Complaint to the Regional State Administrative Agency
Complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman
Complaint to the Chancellor of Justice